Best Desktops for Gaming

Are you looking for the best desktop gaming PC or mobile phone? If yes then you are at the right place. In today’s post, we are going to discuss the top 6 best gaming laptops and phones under $500.

Gaming has become extremely popular over the last decade. People spend countless hours playing video games. And now we have even portable devices called smartphones. The number of smartphone owners in North America alone reached nearly 2 billion. These new tech gadgets allow us to play our favorite games anywhere anytime.

As a result, computer game makers are releasing more titles into the marketplace. This means that a gamer is constantly being bombarded with choices. Which one should they choose?

Best Desktop for Gaming

1. Alienware m15 R3 – Best Gaming Laptop Under 500$

Alienware is known for making some of the world’s best gaming laptops. With the excellent performance they provide, gamers can enjoy an immersive experience without breaking the bank.

2. Razer Blade Pro – Best Gaming Notebook Under 600$

If you want a laptop that doesn’t look bulky, yet has plenty of power behind it, then the Razer Blade Pro is worth checking out. It features a 15-inch screen that’ll let you consume content comfortably while providing the necessary processing power.

3. Asus ROG Strix GL502VS – Best Budget Gaming Laptop

The ASUS ROG Strix GL 502 VS is a budget line with a 17-inch display, and it packs an Intel Core i7 processor along with NVIDIA GTX 980M graphics card.

4. Acer Predator Helios 300 – Best Budget Gaming Laptop

Acer is another name that is synonymous with quality products. The Helios 300 fits perfectly in any gamer’s budget as well as their needs. This is thanks to it having a 15.6-inch Full HD screen. It also contains AMD Radeon RX 560 GPU and 8GB DDR4 RAM.

5. Asus TUF Gaming FX504GM -Best Gaming Desktop For Under $500

The Asus TUF Gaming FX502GS could be considered the best gaming desktop under $500. Although its price tag isn’t exactly cheap, it offers great value for money.

6. Dell Inspiron 5570 – Best Gaming Desktop Under 400$

The Dell Inspiron 5570 is one of those computers that just screams “gaming machine”. It has everything you need from a gaming system including an Intel core processor, 4 GB RAM, a large hard drive, and Nvidia GeForce 940MX discrete graphics card.

7. HP Omen X Series Gaming Laptop – Best Gaming Computer Under 350$

The HP Omen x series was designed specifically for gaming. It comes packed with powerful hardware like NVIDIA GTX 1060 and AMD Ryzen 5 3500U. It also includes a full-size keyboard, a high-resolution display, and customizable RGB lighting.


In this article, we discussed various categories such as best gaming laptops and PC desktops. We hope that these reviews will help you find either your next gaming machine to serve you better than before if you are a gaming freak!

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