Best Computer Processors Right Now

Are you using an outdated computer processor? If yes, then you should consider upgrading it immediately. If you want to save some cash, check out these top picks from Amazon Prime Day 2017.

The average person spends roughly 4 hours per day at their desktop or laptop computer. That means if your machine isn’t powerful enough to run today’s software smoothly, you might not get much done during the day.

There are three major components to a CPU (central processing unit). These include the main arithmetic logic unit (ALU), the floating point unit (FPU), and the memory controller. Each of these parts has its importance. For example, the FPU performs complex calculations such as trigonometry and matrix algebra. Therefore, having a high-level math library improves performance.

In addition, Windows 7 offers better gaming capabilities than previous operating systems. This allows you to play games without lag or stuttering, even on older machines. So, upgrading to Windows 8/8.1 won’t necessarily improve your experience in terms of speed. This is why you must upgrade your processor. Below are our top picks.

Best Computer Processors Right Now

1.      Intel Core i5-8400P Processor – $299

This quad-core processor features four cores and eight threads. It supports dual-channel DDR4 RAM and comes equipped with a GPU that is capable of running VR applications. It also features an integrated graphics card with DirectX 12 support.

2.      AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Processor – $199

AMD’s latest flagship CPU is currently the best-performing one out there. It features eight cores and 16 threads. It has a base clock frequency of 3.6 GHz and boosts to a peak of 3.8 GHz. The chip includes an unlocked multiplier that allows overclocking.

3.      Intel Core i5 6600K Processor – $149

Intel’s K series CPUs offer incredible value for money. This 6-core model sports six threads and a 2.7 GHz boost clock speed. A great choice for those who don’t need extreme power.

4.      Intel Core i7 7700K Processor – $229

Intel’s new 7th-generation processors have improved upon previous models. This 6 core model boasts eight threads. The processor can be boosted to 3.6 GHz.

5.      AMD FX-8350E Six-Core Processor – $99

If you want to stick with AMD, then this is a solid pick for under $100. This quad-core processor has four cores and eight threads which allow you to multitask efficiently.

Which Processor Should I Buy?

It depends on what you use your PC for. Do you game, or do you just browse? Does your work require a lot of multimedia editing and video rendering? What kind of programs do you regularly use?

You will need to answer these questions before making a decision. Otherwise, you could end up paying more for a product that doesn’t suit your needs.

However, we recommend the Intel Core i5-8440P. It features four cores and eight hyperthreaded threads. It has two channels of DDR3 DRAM and a GPU that supports DirectX 11.7.


When choosing between Intel and AMD, try to look at more than just price. How well do they perform when compared to other models with similar specifications? Is the user interface easy to navigate? Does the manufacturer offer a warranty that meets your needs? All of these factors will ultimately determine whether or not you choose a particular brand over another.

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